Chasing Light, published 2009


Everyone knows that fossil fuels are finite, and when the United States begins to run low, scientists scramble to find an alternate fuel. The Green Treaty to share resources with the Middle East didn't work out, and so an alternative was needed. What scientists came up with was apocomium, a man-made fuel that will never run low and never become extinct. However, nobody expected a rat to accidentally ingest apocomium and contract a new disease, called the Corpus virus. What begins as a dehydration problem turns for the worse when its victims begin to thirst for human flesh. Quasi-zombies run rampant throughout the nation as four teenagers try to find refuge in the only known haven: New York City. Little do they know that one of the four is carrying a secret with him that could put a stop to the apocalyptic nightmare beginning to take hold.

Dimensions (inches): 6 wide x 9 tall