Review: "Radiant" by Karina Sumner-Smith

Radiant is the first book in the Towers Trilogy, a series by debut author Karina Sumner-Smith. In it, our main character, Xhea, is a girl without magic – a very unusual thing in her world. For the citizens of the City, the rich are rich by virtue of having magic, so Xhea is left fending for herself in the Lower City like a bottom-feeder. Getting breakfast means scavenging for whatever crumbs she can scrounge up; sleeping well means wrapping herself in damp blankets and jackets to keep warm underground. The only way that Xhea manages to earn money is through her own brand of individualized enterprise: she takes on the burden of other people by carrying their ghosts around for a few days so the victim can get away from their haunting for a few days, and she does this for a price.